I founded this company in 2010 to provide professional, exclusive, personalized services that could leave a mark through unforgettable experiences. If you are looking for a different and loving wedding to get married to in some corner of Costa Rica, CONGRATULATIONS! You have come to the right place!

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time, dedication, and sacrifice, that is why I only accept a very select number of weddings per year to guarantee a high level of service. I supervise the design, planning, execution, and closing of your big day.

I have the best team of suppliers and that is why the weddings I plan always stand out for their authenticity and perfection.

I work with dedication and passion in small and personal weddings, even large formal weddings! I provide my services throughout the year, whether on the beach, in the city, or the mountains. I do not have fixed rates, I prepare a budget according to your needs, so I hope to meet you soon and make you incredibly happy!

If you want to know more about the services I offer, continue reading ...


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